Summer Workout CHALLENGES:

Workout Challenges - we've all seen them:  They are the 30 Day Push-Up Challenge, The 15 Day Ab/Core Challenge, etc., you get the picture.  This summer, we'll be posting similar challenges here, on this page, for you.  

When doing these, it doesn't matter how many of the exercises you can do, "You are your only competition," so the focus is on improvement, your improvement.  Take push-ups as a great example.  Maybe you can't do a single push-up on your toes, that's okay.  Start with the knees position or even a wall push-up... follow the program, increase your strength, and you might be surprised at what you can do.

You've heard this before, too.  Form, proper form, trumps quantity every time.  Concentrate on your form, the numbers will take care of themselves.  And, you'll become much stronger this way.


Here is another Challenge for you.  Legs, strong legs, are very important to your skiing and ski racing success.  Squats are a wonderful exercise to get them into race shape, so here's a Squat Challenge.

Keep an eye on this tab because we'll be adding another critical challenge shortly... BALANCE!

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Here it is, the first Challenge of the summer - 100 Push-Ups


Be sure to use proper form, it can't be over emphasized.   Follow the program, do what you can do, work hard, and you will make progress.

To get started, Click Here.

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