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is what you're capable of doing.


determines what you'll do.


determines how well you do it.

~~ Lou Holtz ~~  



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Free-weights... Machines... Gyms...

The question that always arises is, "What do I do?"  Most people don't own free-weights, exercise machines, or even gym memberships.  For the latter, if they do, they don't often use them.

My choice is Resistant Bands.  They are inexpensive, available everywhere, easy to take with you, and have a myriad of uses.

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Check back on a regular basis.  This tab is constantly changing, articles and workouts being added and deleted periodically.  Don't miss out.  Pick a routine and do it.  If it's too easy, move to a more difficult on or add rounds.  If it's beyond you, right now, take breaks or pick an easier one.  Remember:

The Only Bad Workout is the One You DON'T Do!

Benefits of Marginal Gains

Summer is coming to an end, so the areas of concentration will be the physical skills and the mental skills in the Hierarchy of Skills that you’re all familiar with.   Interlaced through both of them, throughout the next couple of months, will be the common thread – “Marginal Gains.”  Think of it this way, “The little things add up.” 

Here is some information, motivation, and great workouts.

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The Lizard Pose

     Doug Lewis and ELITEAM- Contributer

Do you know the difference between mobility and flexibility or do you use the words interchangeably? The two are related, but not the same. 

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Pain Cave Workout - The BEAST


It sounds scary but it's not.  This body-weight program consists of 4 weeks of full body strengthening with some cardiovascular training, resistance conditioning, core development, and metabolic bursting thrown into the mix for the best and most rapid results. 


It is broken down into 2 sections, each lasting 2 weeks, each focusing on specific strength elements. You will find that each workout will help build tolerance and ability for new and different challenges later on.  Both sections contain 2 different workouts which will rotate from week to week. 

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5 Beginner Bodyweight Workout

You’ve committed to exercising every day this month (and want to keep it up all year!),­ we have the perfect beginner bodyweight workout plan for you. 


Here, you’ll find five moves, complete with the beginner, intermediate, and advanced variations so you can progress as you gain strength.  Even better, you’ll get cheat sheet on how to put them all together into a circuit that fits your schedule and fitness level.  It’s time to start getting ready for you fittest and best ski season, ever.  It takes work, but it will be worth it.

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Next Season Starts Now  

     (Doug Lewis and ELITEAM, contributor)

We, at ELITEAM, hope you had a great Winter of training and racing, but also took time to enjoy free-skiing with your family, friends and teammates.  When you reflect on your season, we hope you can say that you pushed your limits in training and gave it your all on race days!


Next ski season starts NOW with a focus on Sports Physiology.  For the next 6 months you have the opportunity to work on improving your overall fitness, so when you return to snow next season, you can make even bigger gains in your technical training. 

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