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Special thanks goes out to Doug Lewis and his ELITEAM for his help this summer.

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Eat Well, Ski Fast!

     Doug Lewis and ELITEAM - contributor

Can changing your eating habits, and working on eating quality food every day help boost performance on the race hill? You bet! U.S. Ski Team Alumnus and World Champion Medalist Doug Lewis tells us why proper nutrition can make or break you on race day.​

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Introduction to Nutrition

There is often a lot of confusion about nutrition.  Yes, it can be complicated, but it doesn't have to be that way.


Nutrition is a key component that most people overlook and athletes and adults can over complicate nutrition because they want a quick fix.  The most important part of maintaining a healthy lifestyle is consistency.

Food is fuel for your body.  It is essential that you provide your body with the best fuel possible in order to live a healthy life. 

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     Doug Lewis and ELITEAM - contributor


With July right around the corner, this is perfect timing for this... fresh strawberries!


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Eat the Colors of the Rainbow

Why is it, advice on healthy eating usually seems to center on what not to put in our mouths?  With the endless ways we're taught to limit calorie intakes and watch out for "bad" fat and carbohydrates, it's almost easy to forget that there's a whole world of foods out there that don't threaten to give you heart disease, diabetes, or an expanded waistline.

Let's talk about:

     How Eating a Variety of Colors Can Keep You Healthy:

            The 7 colors of the Phytonutrient Rainbow

Download this chart to help you keep track of your progress and successes.

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        Doug Lewis and ELITEAM, contributor


Along with Sports Physiology and Psychology, Nutrition is one of ELITEAM’s three pillars of becoming a “Complete athlete”. Athletes often disregard nutrition, to the detriment of their performance.

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Springtime Smoothies

        Doug Lewis and ELITEAM, contributor


With warmer temperatures arriving it's smoothie time.  Smoothies are an easy way to pack loads of nutrition into your body.  They're quick and easy to make.  Have a small one for a snack or a larger serving for a meal.

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